Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'll be back...

My apologies for no posts and no warning.  Next week is finals, so this week has kinda been like "pre-finals".  AKA finishing up last assignments, dealing with final pre-labs/labs/post-labs, starting to study for next week, writing my two papers due next week, and forcing myself to study for my bio lab practical I had today (which actually went shockingly well!).  So anyways, I will probably not be posting until after finals are over because my grades depend on it (AKA I need to pass chem...haha but like actually).
Also it is raining like crazy over here.  Although supposedly it was going to be "the storm of the century" by California standards - and all that means is that it's been raining all day.  Lolz.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

succulents forever

These are plants from my grandma's garden!  I'm obsessed with her succulents and pots (she does all the mosaic herself!).  Slash want to have a beautiful garden like her.  I'm the worst with plants...instead of a green thumb I think I have a dead thumb because everything I try to grow dies.  Even succulents.  Hi I fail.
My grandma did give my cousin and me some cuttings from her succulents, shown in the last picture.  The ones on the left are mine and the ones on the right are my cousin's.  I found another pot at my house so I divided them up.  They're doing decently well now, but the tallest green one and the purpley bulby looking one in the middle have perished.  Let's hope the other ones don't meet the same fate...I'm trying anyways haha.

photos by me 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Crazy to think that these were taken last week when I was in LA.  It was almost 90 that day, so we had to wait until dusk when it had cooled off enough to venture out.  Now I'm back in norcal, where it's currently pouring rain, and has been for the last few days.  I'm pretty pleased about it, but it definitely makes getting around interesting.  I bike to campus and to all my classes, and haven't been able to find my raincoat from last year, so I've just been wearing a lot of layers so that only the first layer gets wet haha.
So back to the pictures.  We were trying to find a good location and stumbled upon these bougainvillea (and yes, I totally had to google that haha) bushes.  I think they're so pretty and bright!  And were the perfect backdrop to my neutral-toned ensemble aka my uniform.  Color is just always so hard for me to want to wear, its brightness scares me.

(Sweater: Forever 21; Shorts: Forever 21; Sandals: Steve Madden; Purse: Charlotte Russe)
photos by my brother

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

europe part 14: barcelona, spain

1. Pretty cathedral  / /  2. A busy shopping street  / /  3. Me in front of the Sagrada Familia!  / /  4. Beach, duh  / /  5. Mosaics by Gaudi at Park Guell  / /  6. Architecture by Gaudi at Park Guell  / /  7. The besties and I at Park Guell (L-R: Jacque, me, Julia, Riki)  / /  8. The Arc de Triomf!  9. Close up of the Sagrada Familia  / /  10. Pathway right above the beach  / /  11. FOOOOOOOD  / /  12. Interesting street art  / /  13. Flats with the Catalan flag hanging from the balconies  / /  14. ARCHITECTURE HEAVEN  / /  15. La Boquerilla!  / /  16. Jacs, Riki, and I in front of the Sagrada Familia  / /  17. More Park Guell  / /  18. Pretty street.  I was obsessed with their narrow walkways in between buildings  / /  19. Pretty pretty pretty  / /  20. Sagrada Familia under construction  / /  21. Jacs and Riki  / /  22. Statue + gold  / /  23. Pretty street and buildings and balconies

Barcelona was gorgeous.  I was obsessed with all the pretty buildings and the architecture.  We had a lot of fun, even though Jacque and I started off somewhat rockily - we:
1. Missed our flight from London to Barcelona, spent the night outside the airport in London that was rainy and stormy, complete with thunder and lightning (although, I must admit it was kinda fun and I felt all adventure-y and now it makes a great story haha)
2. Couldn't find our hostel (we were seriously convinced it didn't exist - it took us like an hour in the hot Barcelona heat with our giant backpacks to find it)
3. Jacque realized she had accidentally booked one of our hostels for the wrong date, so we had to scramble and look for any open ones super last minute
4. Forgot about the siesta/that restaurants open later so we were starving and had to wait a few hours to get food, and once we did, it wasn't very good as we were too tired to walk very far (plus apparently Barcelona is not known for having the greatest of food, which was a surprise to me)
5. Didn't realize that literally none of Europe uses air conditioning, and it was soooo hot, and we were constantly sticky
So yeah, the beginning was a little crazy, but once we met up with Riki and then Julia we had a lot better luck!  Although for some reason every night we tried to go out - 3 in total - we somehow failed.  LOL plus I was still really tired and my feet were starting to really feel like they were going to fall off at this point (my idiotic self was determined to look fashionable and wear my boots that were not yet broken in).  Then Jacque ended up getting sick with a fever, and had to stay in bed for a couple days.  Luckily none of the rest of us caught what she had!
There were a lot of great things, too.  Such as:
-Gelato, every day
-The beach
-The super nice lady Jacs and I befriended on the plane who gave us her metro card
-La Boquerilla, aka the best thing ever - basically an awesome market that sells fresh produce and everything you could ever imagine
-Shopping on one of the main streets
-Trying to run away from prepubescent teens at BLVD
-Late night walks back to our hostels
-The fact that we never had to wear sweaters at night because it was so warm
-The beautiful architecture, especially in the Barrio Gotico

photos by me, ones of me by strangers