Friday, February 7, 2014

i like winter

Hello pretty people!  What is up.  I hope good things!
So these were taken last weekend - it was one of my favorite people's birthdays!  My babeh brother is no longer a teenager.  But he's been taller than me since he was about 10.  Haha.  We celebrated by going to his fave restaurant and then with me forcing him to take outfit pics.  The best way to spend any birthday, I think.  It builds character.
I love love love love this sweater.  I got it for 25% off, holllaaaaa.  And these leggings.  I'm thoroughly obsessed.  I think I wore them for a whole week straight last month.  My roommate was a little concerned and told me I needed to not wear them for the whole second week.  
I am so thankful that it's the weekend and that we're finally getting some rain!  I was a little worried for there for a second.  Also rain is necessary for my creativity and my happiness.  I think I have the opposite of seasonal affectiveness disorder - if I don't get enough rainy weather/dreary days during fall/winter I feel drained and depressed come spring.  Spring is also my least favorite season.  Too much sun.  But then summer is one of my favorites.  I think that I'm in shock come spring and by summer I'm used to it, haha.  Also summer is also associated with no school, which is always a great thing, if you ask me...

photos by my brother
(sweater: Brandy Melville; Leggings: Cotton On via Crossroads; Boots: Vintage via Etsy)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Daffodils are probably one of my favorite flowers.
They just look so happy.  And somehow instantly brighten my day.
It's the little things.

photos by me

Sunday, January 12, 2014

europe part 7: whitby, england

1. These are my friendssss and I in front of Whitby Harbour  / /  2. Whitby Beach & Dock  / /  3. Exciting buildings  / /  4. Whitby train station  / /  5. Grave stones in front of Whitby Abbey  / /  6. Me at Whitby Abbey!  / /  7. Overlooking Whitby from the Abbey  / /  8. Yay a train  / /  9. Whitby Beach  / /  10. Me at the train station!  / /  11. Horsiez  / /  12. Just chillin' at the Abbey  / /  13. Pretty Chandelier inside St. Mary's Church  / /  14. Ruins  / /  15. Frolicking through the grass  / /  16. Semi fail of a jumping photo  / /  17. Graves on graves on graves  / /  18. More train station chillin'  / /  19. Whitby is so prettyful  / /  20. My class at Whitby Beach (just before they started to play Cricket)  / /  21. Me me me  / /  22. Whitby Harbour  / /  23. St. Mary's Church & graves  / /  24. The Abbey itself

Whitby was one of my favorite towns by far!  It was so adorable and pretty and I loved that it was by the sea.  I love English seasides - there's something so mysterious about a beach shrouded in mist and gloom, especially since beaches are typically thought of as being sunny and warm.  It's melancholy and thoughtful and I love it.  And the Abbey was so cool.  And all majestic.  In love.

photos by me, except for those of me - those are by my classmates

Thursday, January 9, 2014

europe part 6: gateshead & newcastle, england

1. Gateshead Millenium Bridge.  It actually rotates and serves as a walkway across the river at certain times and then raises to allow boats to pass under it at others!  / /  2. Random pretty buidling  / / 3. Fwends and I standing on the Gateshead Bridge!  / /  4. Random small 'beach'  / /
5. Cool sign at the Baltic Museum with seabirds and their babies nesting on it  / /
6. View of the other side of the river from the Baltic Museum viewing platform  / /
7. BALTIC  / /  8. Stairways in the Baltic Museum with double way mirrors to make it look like you're falling!  / /  9. Another shot of the random pretty buildings

To be honest, Newcastle was not my favorite place.  It was very industrial, lots of buildings.  Not very green.  I didn't take too many pictures while we were there.  Our class spent the day at two different museums: the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the Great North Museum: Hancock.  I wasn't too fond of the Baltic, mainly because I am not usually a huge fan of contemporary and modern art.  I really enjoyed the Great North Museum, though, because it was a lot of natural history and taxidermy animals, which I find very interesting.  Oh and we had lunch at Wagamama's, this Chinese place.  It was really good and so fun to say haha.
I'm not sure if I described the program I was on, but it was a blast!  It was a design program in which we spent two weeks in York (my favorite!) with day trips here and there, then one week in Edinburgh, and one in London.  The program centered around exhibition design, so we went to a TON of museums.  I counted and we visited 23 during that month.  And we got weekends free, so my friends and I typically did not go to museums on those days.  So it was more like 23 museums in 24 days!  It was pretty insane.  But so so so much fun.  And it gave me a whole new appreciation for all types of different museums and now I pay a lot more attention to how exhibits are set up, etc.  Gah it was so much fun.  I would go back in a heartbeat!

photos by me   

Monday, January 6, 2014

summertime sadness

More summer happiness.
Haha winter pichas to come soon!
But for now... Let's pretend the first day of school didn't start today and that it's still some sort of break.

photos by my brother
(Top: Forever 21; Shorts: Forever 21; wedges: Aldo via Plato's Closet)