Tuesday, September 16, 2014

europe part 9: york, england

Yeahhh another Travel Tuesday for ya.
So the train pictures were taken at the York train station.  The trains are so pretty, aren't they??  All colorful, nothing like the boring neutral colored trains here!  Well I'm not sure about the rest of America, but Amtrak and BART definitely don't look that cool.  The pictures of my friend Allison and I were taken on the 4th of July, while we were also still in York.  Our professor decided it would be fun to take the whole class out on a boat ride as a celebration.  It was a blast and a half.  And I got a little tipsy.  And we were yelling "Happy 4th!  God bless America!!!!" at the top of our lungs at all the people we passed by.  Just casually living up to our obnoxious stereotype.
Also how I miss my hurr.  It was so long back then!

photos by me, photos of me by a friend

Sunday, September 14, 2014

stuff i love

1. This bedspread is so cute.  And super affordable.  Although I think it's so cheap bc it's only the cover, and doesn't come as an actual blanket, if that makes sense.  But still, I love the pattern, and it just may be my new bedspread in my new room! Wheeee.
2. This outfit is everything.  Personally, I wouldn't wear the boots - a little too cray cray for me, I'm much more boring haha (you all know which boots I'd be wearing with this outfit haha because they're the only ones I ever wear) but everything else is perf.
3. This dude knows wassup.  He goes by the name of Prince Ea, and I love his view on the world.  This YouTube video called "Why I Think This World Should End" is so true and discusses the state of our world today.  It's beautiful and eye opening.  His Facebook page is great, and I'd especially recommend his 60 second video segements.  They're only 60 seconds (hence the title) and cast a unique light on different ways to view your world.  They definitely changed my perspective.
4. I'm obsessed with this picture.  I mean, the colors.  Plus, if you click the link, you can learn to make pretty fruit ice cubes.  And they're super easy peasy lemon squeezy.
5. Ummmmm idk how to start but this blogger I've just discovered is my new inspiration for life.  I'm pretty sure she's basically perfect.  And so cool.  So, so cool.  She shares fashion inspiration via her blog LEHAPPY and yeah if you haven't discovered her yet (she's been around for a while, I'm just super new to the game) then go check her out and see her coolness for yourself.  Thank me later.  Or blame me.  Idk which one bc I can guarantee there goes your whole afternoon, basically.

Happy internetting!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


So, a secret: the background scenery you see was actually on the side of a gas station.
Yep.  It was a weird little patch of dead grass like 10 feet away from it.
But in the middle of buttf@$k nowhere, so no one was really around to witness the picture taking itself, or that might've been slightly awks.
That's right, ya girl finally bought some new shoes.  Whooooooo movin' on up.
Anywayz the rest of the outfit.  This shirt originally had a bunch of those weird stringy things hanging down from it.  But I made my (old)  roomie Jacque (oh and not that she's actually old just that I used to live with her.  haha I'm not some weirdo with a grandma for a roommate), who is a really talented clothing cutter (like actually), get rid of them.  I like that on some shirts, but it just looked odd on this one.  Like I would stare at them and just be like, why.  You have no purpose in life.
Also this time of day is literally my fave to shoot in.  I love the way it looks and whatnot.
Also I have officially moved into my new room today!  Hurrah.  All my old roomies graduated so I had to find a new home.  Sads.  It was weird after living with them for 2 years.  But I also really like the new people, so I'm excited about that!  Plus now I have my own room!  It's also a lot bigger than my old one, so no complaints there either.  It's actually not even technically a real bedroom.  It's a living room that they converted into a bedroom - that's why it's so big.  Yay for big things!  (and not just rooms amirite?!?!?!  ha sorry had to)

photos by my dad
(Top: Crossroads; Jeans: Urban Outfitters; Shoes: Steve Madden)

Thursday, September 11, 2014


These were taken in SLO when I went to visit my grandparents and the rest of my family a while back.  I love SLO.  It's such a pretty little city, and there are so many hiking places and beaches and wildlife areas close by.  These photos were taken just a 5 minute walk from their house - I can't believe this view is literally someone's backyard.  You can't really see it in these photos, but the mountains loom up in the background and just look so majestic, especially when the sun sets.  I love  mountains and feel so lucky to also live in a town where they are also present.
I originally had a lot more photos, but it was already getting dark by the time the photo taking began and these were the only salvageable ones.
About the outfit: I wasn't positive about this shirt at first, but now I'm obsessed with it.  I love love love love love love this cardigan.  It doesn't seem like it should be warm bc it's knit and has a bunch of tiny holes in it but it's so so cozy.  And the shorts are a staple, obvi.

photos by my Aunt
(Top: Forever 21; Shorts: Levi's via Black & Brown; Cardigan: Tobi) 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

europe part 8: beck hole, england

1. A pretty ravine  / /  2. Giant Mr. Slug  / /  3. Sheep sheep sheep, literally everywhere  / /  4. The cutest of the cutes houses  / /  5. Flores  / /  6. River + Rocks  / /  7. EVEN MORE SHEEPIES  / /  8. Literally obsessed with the houses  / /  9. Pretty pathway  / /  10. Flowers on flowers  / /  11. River river  / /  12. A dude sheep!  / /  13. I want to live there  / /  14. Poppies!

Finally finally finally getting around to finishing up the Europe photos.  The trip was what, about a year ago?  And I still have a lot lot more to post!  This is only 1/4 of the way through the trip!
On another note, I loved Beck Hole.  Our professor had grown up in York, so he knew all the cool little spots all around the area and was able to take us to cool little places like this.  It was the cutest, picture perfect little Yorkshire town.  Sheep wandered everywhere, in people's yards and everything!
Oh and I've decided to do a little installation called 'Travel Tuesday'.  Since traveling just happens to be one of my favorite past times, I figured it would be fun to dedicate one day a week to writing about it.

photos by me

Sunday, September 7, 2014

stuff i love

1. I love her outfit and her hair and basically everything about this photo.
2. This eyeshadow palette.  An associate at Sephora showed it to me last week and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.
3. I luuuuuuurveee this eyeshadow look.
4. So I used to hate on Birkenstocks until I saw this style.  Obsessed with the whole three buckles thing.  Plus my roommate wore them all through our Europe trip last summer and never once complained about her feet.  I on the other hand, was in pain 80% of the time due to very poor shoe choices.
5. These parfait things look BOMB.  Like wow.  Get in mah belly.  Also this site has the coolest and prettiest things ever.  If you need a dose of inspiration go there.  You'll thank me, I promise.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

oh hai

Long time no see.
Hope everything is just fine and dandy.
These photos were taken this past summer.  In fact, I have a whole arsenal of photos that I've taken this summer that are just waiting to be posted.  Just you wait.
This summer was an interesting one.  I decided to take summer school so my summer technically didn't start until the beginning of August.  And since I'm on the quarter system, I don't go back till the beginning of October.  So it feels weird - like I only got one month of REAL summer, because now everyone's talking about fall and sweaters and going back to school and I'm over here like WHAT NO I'M NOT READY!!
Except I suppose it's cool because the weather at my university is insane so it'll probably be in the 90's or so until the end of October.
So in a way I get some summer?
And then the month of August itself was crazy busy!  But all with fun things though.  My mom's birthday, my birthday, moving my brother down to LA, moving myself from one house to another house (but in the same town, as it's my last year in college), working when I got the chance, camping with friends, spending the long weekend with the family in SLO, and now I just had my wisdom teeth removed.
So yeah, no complaints here!  And luckily I seem to be healing pretty well!  I just had them out yesterday and pretty much feel fine.  My mom was surprised because my brother, on the other hand, slept for two days straight and didn't get out of bed for at least 5 days.  I guess I'm just a lucky one!  Or he's a weenie.  (Probably the latter).

photos by my brother
(sweater: TOBI; Shorts: Levi's via Black & Brown; Tights: Crossorads; Boots: Etsy; Bag: Crossroads)