Thursday, November 27, 2014

happy day of thanks

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!  Hope you all have a wonderful day eating wonderful food with your families.  I know this isn't a picture that traditionally reminds you of turkey day, but I thought it was pretty and worked anyway!

photo by me

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

europe part 13: london, england

1. Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, and the River Thames  / /  2. Friends and I plus (virgin) pina coladas (so much better when it's in an actual pineapple)  / /  3. Random street art  / /  4. London Eye  / /  5. Duckies and mama in Hyde Park  / /  6. Pretty pretty flowers  / /  7. Sunset at Hyde Park  / /  8. Westminster Abbey  / /  9. Pretty London street  / /  10. THE V&A ZOMG  / /  11. Old roomie/bestie Jacque + street art  / /  12. SCALA  / /  13. Swan and her cygnets/juveniles (not really sure which exactly)  / /  14. More and more and more flowers  / /  15. So many swans in Hyde Park  / /  16. My main man Big Ben yo  / /  17. Millennium Bridge  / /  18. Architecture yeah  / /  19. Ducklings at Hyde Park  / /  20. FLOWERS HI  / /  21. Swan booties  / /  22. Pretty area in Hyde Park  / /  23. Cool building  / /  24. Hyde Park at sunset  / /  25. LONDON Baby.

There are many more London pics to come, because I went back there with 2 of my besties after we met up in Barcelona!  (Coming up next!)  On this particular leg of my trip, I was still with my program but my other roommate Jacque met up with us halfway through the week.  At this point I was so. TIRED.  ALL THE TIME.  Haha after about 3 weeks - 1 month of non stop travel every day all day I was ready to drop dead and sleep.  I think that's why I took so little pictures in London haha because I was just so out of energy by this point.  I loved my program but couldn't wait for it to be over because then I would be meeting up with my besties and we could do literally whatever we wanted.  Also, moral of the story: If you want to see cute baby swans and ducklings go to Hyde Park in June/July!!  There were so many!!  We were there near the end of July, I believe.  And I swear I didn't bother them and get that up close to them - I used to zoom on my camera!
Overall London was great.  I was really happy that I got to go back and see some more of it later on, since our program had been so jam packed with activities that we didn't get too much time to explore it on our own.
(And here's a reminder in case it  gets confusing - bc I know it is a little weird since I post only once a week on the travels of this trip, here's a little reminder timeline:

On my program:
York (2 weeks) --> Scotland (1 week) --> London (1 week) (this set of pictures)
While on my program we took lots of little day trips, like to Knaresborough, Scarborough, Whitby, Newcastle, and Beck's Hole while we were in York.
While in Scotland, we stayed in Edinburgh but went on a day trip to Glasgow and then for an outing to the Arthur's Seat Hike.

While with the besties (which has yet to be posted):
During the last week of my program Jacque came to meet up with me for the last few days; then when it ended, we spent a couple of days traveling on our own, including going to EDC London (which was a blast!  Except for the part where I almost lost my Passport, Debit, and Credit cards while we had a flight to Barcelona the next day...Luckily we found them!!)
Barcelona (5 days) --> Prague (2 days) --> Berlin (3 days) --> Amsterdam (2 days) --> London (3 days) --> Paris (4 days) --> Florence (3 days) --> Rome (3 days)

That's a rough estimate but as you can see it was quite a whirlwind trip.  In total it was about 2 months of traveling.  Can't wait to share the rest of the photos! 

photos by me, except ones of me by a random tourist

Monday, November 24, 2014


These were taken...Like last week or so?  My guy friend came to visit and we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood just before dark in the midst of studying for midterms.  The weather was perfect and the houses were so cute.
Normally I attempt to get pictures without cars in the background, but the light was fading and that was the direction that got the best light.  Blerbles.
Oh and I just cleaned le boots yesterday and put this leather shield thing on them so they are ready for winter and back in action bbyyyyy.

photos by Jose
(Sweater: Forever 21; Shorts: vintage; Tights: Hue; Belt: Wal-Mart; Necklace: Brandy Melville)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

winter vibez

So I didn't want to bore y'all with another 'stuff i love' post so I decided to do one with wintery inspiration instead.  And keep in mind that it's only winter-ISh because I live in California haha where it never goes below 50 degrees during the day.  So a lot of these are not exactly frozen weather wear but there ya go...Wheeeeeeee.  Enjoy!  Turkey day in T-minus 4 days!!!!!

all images via

Sunday, November 16, 2014

stuff i love

1. This pretty thing (pictured above).

2. I've always been a big fan of DIY face masks - I mean, who isn't??!! They're three of my favorite things: all natural, cheap, and easy. These are two great ones by Fashionlush.  With a side of hilurious commentary by its writer, Erica.  Oh and she also has killer style so go check that out too.

3. These "Buddha Life Lessons" are great.  Buddha is great.  Go read them and feel your perspective being widened.

4. Rewire your brain to feeling happier.  This TedTalk by Shawn Achor is great.  I also really liked this one  by model Cameron Russel.

5. This quote.

Not sure why but I was feelin' kind of a deep/introspective vibe this week.  Or maybe I'm just going crazy and trying to think about everything besides my two midterms coming up.  Or maybe I'm just crazy?  Who even knows.
Have a great week my loves!  I will most likely be pretty MIA since I have those two midterms but I'll be back next week!  And then it's Thanksgiving, can't wait to breeeeaaaatheeee.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

europe part 12: king arthur's seat, scotland

We had to get up at 6am to do this hike.  Or maybe even earlier.  I can't even remember, because I was half asleep/barely alive the entire time.  I am NOT a morning person...And we were already so exhausted from going all day and then trying to go out at night and doing it all over again the next day haha.  But getting up for this was so worth it!  The view was amazing and totally worth me feeling like I was going to die every 5 minutes.  I also had a few more pics that I wanted to post because it was just so darn pretty and green but they were among the ones that got lost when I accidentally deleted a bunch of the RAW files :/  Luckily I still have all the JPEGs, but they're just uneditable.  Oh wellllll.  I was able to connect the USB though and recover the rest of the ones I thought I lost that were still on my memory card, though!  Yay for being a hoarder and never wanting to delete anything!!!!

photos by me, ones of me by my classmates