Sunday, February 7, 2016

point lobos

Okay so if you are ever in northern California you need, like NEED, to visit Point Lobos. It's soooo beautiful. Gibson Beach is sooo beautiful, and also definitely stop by China Cove. Definitely my two favorite places I saw there. China Cove has harbor seals on the beach! And there's a sign that says "Do Not Pick Up Seals" LOL, just imagining someone actually trying to pick up a seal...
But yeah it was super gorgeous, and my boyfriend and I were there for like 5-6 hours! We did most of the loop around the park. And we saw Grey Whale spouts! And the Monterey Cypress trees are super cool. So basically just please please go visit because it's the freaking best.

Current life update (because I know y'all are dying to know alllll about it):
Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona and it's the coolest town. I'll be going on project in New Mexico soon for 8 days, I think planting Willow trees. Can't wait to start living that outdoorsy life!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Otters in Morro Bay (aka the cutest freaking thing you'll see, ever)

Okay so these are definitely not the BEST pictures ever (far from it) but I couldn't resist posting because of how freaking cute these otters are.
Mom sleeping with the pup.
While sleeping, mom doesn't realize the pup floating away.
Pup wakes up and freaks out bc mom is not right next to him/her. (omg look at those otter arms)
Mom rushes over to pup. Not sure what that other guy is doing?? Haha clapping maybe?

But aren't you dying of cuteness?
We watched them for at least 30 minutes because it was just too adorable.
And of course, kept a respectable distance (my camera has a zoom).
Hope this helps make your Friday better (even better than it already is, that is, because hello, it's FRIDAY)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Morro Bay Dunes

Something about plants growing out of sand dunes at sunset just gets me, ya know?
(Even though iceplant is invasive and horrible...It sure does make for some pretty photos)
The big rock is Morro Rock. Quite cool eh.

Also, forgot to say in the last post: I got a new job!
I'm moving to Arizona in the next three weeks for three months and will be traveling around to different national parks doing trail maintenance, surveying and monitoring, and ecological restoration. Ahhh so excited! I've never been to Arizona and cannot wait to travel around for work as well as on my off days. I've already got lots to see on my list, including: The Grand Canyon, Sedona, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Havasupai Falls! Holla at me if you have any other cool things to see. I'm trying to see literally anything and everything!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Elephant Seals/Big Sur

Back again, now that the holidays etc are (very much so) over.
The main reason for my absence was the very near death of my computer (!!!!).
A few days before xmas it randomly would not turn on all the way, it was just a white screen. I was freaking out hardcore bc I had not backed up my computer in, oh, about 2 years and the last (and only) time I had attempted to back it up it shut off partway through and me being lazy never checked to see what actually backed up. On that note, tip of the day: BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!!! Literally right now. Do it. You'll thank me later.
And the (not so) funny part is I had literally been telling myself to back up my computer for the whole past year. It was on my (not even that long) to do list and I just never got around to it.

SO. I made an appt with the Mac store and thank the lord it turned out that everything was salvageable. But, I didn't want to pay the millions of dollars the mac store would want me to shell out, and I have a pretty tech-y brother so I decided to buy a new hard drive, then get everything off the old one and install it myself (and when I say "myself' I mean mostly my brother. I am the last person you would ever call "tech-y"). So basically that took a while and then when we were about to install my new hard drive my brother realized my battery was swollen (apparently that's a thing) so I had to order a new one then install that!

But now everything is good, and I almost have everything set up, and also installed the newest OS which I had been putting off before all this stuff happened.

So these pictures were taken right after Xmas, when my brother and I went to visit my family in SLO.  We went to visit the elephant seals at Vista Point - they're the coolest! And there were so many pups and they were so adorable. Then we went to Ragged Point in Big Sur for lunch - so pretty. The view of the ocean is unreal and if you hike down to the actual shore there's a waterfall (pictured above). And the dude on the rock in the picture is my brother. More pictures of SLO to come soon!