Tuesday, January 20, 2015

europe part 17: amsterdam, the netherlands

1. Bikes, the river, and boats - a very common theme in Amsterdam  / /  2. The Amsterdam Tulip Museum - go go go!!  / /  3. A typical street in Amsterdam  / /  4. More boats.  And more river.  / /  5. Cute bike sign  / /  6. Me, Julia, Riki, and Jacque at the Amsterdam sign (ignore my hideous footwear)  / /  7. Another typical Amsterdam street  / /  8. The bikes are awesome  / /  9. Me in front of some tulips at the Tulip Museum  / /  10. Yes another canal!!!!!  / /  11. Buildings

I loooooveddddd Amsterdam.  I'd love to go back when it wasn't so touristy - like 75% of the people we met while we were there weren't from there.  It's nice because it's such a small town that you can pretty much walk anywhere.  And almost any hostel you get will be pretty close to the main city - we were lucky and ours was pretty much located right in the main town square.  But do beware of bikers - Jacque almost walked into a bike lane by accident and some old guy yelled at her "Watch where you're going!  This isn't Disneyland!"  I can totally understand their annoyance (they have to deal with stupid tourists all the time and coming from a college where everyone bikes everywhere it's pretty annoying when people accidentally walk into your path) but it was pretty funny, especially if you imagine a really old guy saying it in a Dutch accent.  Anyways.
Also whatever you do GO GO GO to the Tulip Museum!!!  Riki and I didn't think much of it but I really wanted to go because I'm kind of creepily obsessed with flowers so we went on a whim and it was only 3 euro and sooo worth it.  It was the cutest freaking thing ever and had the most pinterest-y set up.  Anywho.

To Do:
-The Tulip Museum
-The Sex Museum (just for fun haha)
-Anne Frank House
-The Red Light District (just to walk around)

To Eat:
-Get a waffle/pancake (they're famous there)

To Stay:
-Shelter City

photos by me

Friday, January 16, 2015

wine, wine, vineyards, and wine

So these pictures were taken at my first wine tasting evaaahhhh.  It was at this little winery in SLO and it was so pretty (as you can see).  If I could live at a winery I'll just go ahead and say I wouldn't complain.  Especially because I'd most likely be a little tipsy 24/7 haha.
And yep just like I told ya another leggings + boots + sweater outfit.  My fave.
Also yay for three day weekends!  I made mine 4 days since I skipped school today :D

photos by me
(sweater: Forever 21; Leggings: Crossroads; Boots: Vintage)

Monday, January 12, 2015

europe part 16: berlin, germany

1. The Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dome)  / /  2. The Berlin Wall  / /  3. Jacque, Julia, Riki, and I at the Brandenburger Gate  / /  4. A beautiful building (I embarrassingly have no idea what it is)  / /  5. Hotel Adlon, the famous hotel where Michael Jackson dangled his baby out the window  / /  6. Brandenburger Gate  / /  7. Different currencies (L-R, clockwise: The euro, The Czech crown (koruna), the dollar, the pound)  / /  8. Berlin Wall Monument sign  / /  9. Konzerthaus Berlin

Berlin was such an interesting city - such a mix of old and new.  I did not get too many pictures, as we were not there for two long and one day was spent entirely at the Holocaust Monument and Museum, which was not an experience that entices photographs.  I recommend that everyone go.  Although it is quite sad, it is definitely important to experience.
Otherwise I enjoyed the city.  There is so much cool modern architecture since a lot of it had to be rebuilt after WW2.

photos by me

Sunday, January 11, 2015

stuff i love

1. The moon poster above.  (Unfortunately the original source I found this at deleted their post.  So I have no idea where this photo is originally from :/).  Me want!

2. Yum yum yum.  These three ingredient pancakes are made with eggs and banana but taste like REAL PANCAKES.  WUT.  And the raspberry 'syrup' is what really makes them delicious.  I also added almond milk and a little oatmeal to my 'pancake' batter and really liked that.  I think the almond milk made them a little fluffier and the oatmeal gave them a little more substance.  And also, helpful hint: blend the ingredients together in a blender.  The first time I tried to make these I just mashed up the banana and mixed it with the egg...And it came out more like scrambled eggs with a hint of banana.  Yuck.  So yeah don't do that. 

3. I was never really into the whole nail marbleizing trend but this tutorial is one I could get into.  I never thought of using white and black/grey but I love the effect - it looks more sophisticated in my opinion.  Plus I am a horrible nail painter and I like that the marble pattern would hide a couple smudges (which almost always happens to my nails - I get impatient hehe).

4. OMG this foundation make up kit.  I have been a fan of Maskcara for a long time now (a good amount of the make up products I own are due to her recommendation!) and absolutely love the make up line that she created.  I bought the first generation of IIID foundation and was obsessed with it - I was so sad when I ran out.  Much to my happiness the second generation is available on Monday - and is supposed to be even better than the first!

5. "Front Row Braids" by the amazing Amber of Barefoot Blonde.  I shared a braid tutorial of hers a while back that I really liked, and this is another one.  Also, if you watch the video at the bottom it lets you skip to the next video or automatically starts a new video once the first one ends.  So prepare yourself for a marathon of great tutorials :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

succulents part 2

Even more succulents/cacti for your viewing pleasure.  These were in my Aunt and Uncle's backyard in LA last time we visited for Turkey Day.  So pretty!  And isn't the little cactus in the purple pot so freaking cute??  I lurve him.

photos by me

Friday, January 9, 2015

leaves leaves leaves

First of all, these leggings are my dream.  If you look close you can see they have ridges on the sides (I think you can only really see it in the 3rd photo).  My friend Jose told me they looked like I was going to a Beyonce concert.  Not really sure why they have that effect to him but hey I'll take it!!  Any comparison remotely involving the Yonce is a good thing in my book!
Also I really like when trees either have colored leaves, muted-green leaves, or are bare.  I'm kind of weirdly obsessed with leafless trees and desolate landscapes.  Anyone else feel that way or am I alone in liking slightly dead looking things??
Also, this is how I wear my hair when I'm too busy/lazy (and let's be real, most of the time it's the latter).  I "curl" the front pieces with a flat iron so it looks like more of a wave, mess it up a little, and throw it in a low ponytail.  Yay for lazy hairstyles.
Also, apologies in advance for a lot of boots + leggings + sweaters/shirt + cardigan looks...But that's basically my winter uniform.  Topped with my trusty leather jacket or North Face.  Oh and also ugh bra lines.  Bleh.
Happy Friday lovelies! 

(Top: Forever 21; Leggings: Crossroads; Boots: Vintage; Cardigan: Tobi)
photos by my friend Jose

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

florally floral floristics

I love floral leggings.  And my boots.  And ripped sweaters.
Hope everyone's 2015 has started off fabulously.

photos by my friend Jose
(Sweater: Forever 21; Leggings: Forever 21; Boots: Vintage)