Sunday, November 29, 2015

colorado: arvada before the snow

Pictures from my Aunt's backyard and trails around their neighborhood. Colorado is a really beautiful place especially with snow (those pics coming tomorrow!). I always thought I could never live in a place without snow but after visiting I'm realizing it's really not that bad! I actually like it because it makes everything seem so much more festive, and I kind of enjoy cold crisp walks. I've only been here about a week though, who knows what I'd be saying after a whole winter haha.

The dog's name is Eddie and he's the freaking cutest. Sweetest, cuddliest dog ever and he literally did not care at all about the numerous times we put a santa hat and beard on his head.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

colorado: the plane ride

Some shots from the plane, heading from San Francisco to Denver, Colorado. I couldn't get over the mountains and the snow and even though I had only gotten a couple hours of sleep I couldn't stop snapping photos. Not sure if a lot of other people on the plane hated me bc most people were sleeping and here I was with our window wide open and all the bright light streaming in taking a million and one photos with my not so quiet camera LOL.

The mountains that are in the brighter light without the clouds over them are the Rockies (according to my dad); not sure about the other two pictures of the mountains that are darker and spotted with clouds.

And I went running this morning.
In 18°F (and yes I totally just googled how to do the degree symbol hahahahha).
But yeah. 18°. Mic drop.
I didn't really run super crazy bc I kept stopping every few seconds to look at how gorgeous the landscape was. And also bc I was terrified of slipping haha. The path was paved but there were still parts of hard packed snow and I did not want to break my butt.
My nose felt like it was going to fall off my face and I was kind of miserable but telling myself I was having a great time, you know the usual. Not sure if I would ever do that again haha (all you people in cold climates are shaking your heads at my wimpyness) but I'm definitely going to tell everyone about it when I go back to California and make it seem like no big deal LOL.

Also: today I accidentally dropped my camera and broke my lens :(
Luckily it was only like $100 and I had been wanting to upgrade, so I guess this is a good excuse, but still...that lens has been with me for about 4 years now. RIP buddy, we've had some great times. Hope you're happy up there in camera lens heaven, and hope you meet some great new camera bodies to hang out with. Peace out.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

happy thanksgiving

I know Thanksgiving hasn't had the most amazing history as far as holidays go, and I also know not everyone celebrates it, but...
I love love love having an excuse to hang out with my extended family (who I don't get to see often), eat delicious food (and just found out that 2 of my Colorado cousins are also vegetarians! Yes! So there were lots of amazing sides), and relaxing without stressing about ANYTHING.
And thinking about things to be grateful for is always good and grounding.
Yes yes yes.

Another huge yes is the fact that it snowed all freaking day today. I've been to the snow plenty of times but have never seen snow in action, especially on a holiday (!!! so exciting !!!), you know what I mean? Ahhh and my family lives in this beautiful house overlooking this pretty pond/lots of trees landscape. It's actually a golf course but it's the prettiest golf course I've ever seen hah. Pictures to come! Everything just felt 18557487x more magical. I went outside to take pictures in the morning and fell on my butt because I was so excited and neglected to look down at the stairs. Luckily I held my camera up in the air when I fell so it didn't break or anything hah. LOL. Snow 1, Me 0.

And I know I know, using the same picture as last year, but I do still like it. Lazy much?

Now time to sleep off my food coma. Already looking forward to leftovers tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

canada: stanley park

This is my last Canada post! Stanley Park is cool because it's this huge park nestled right in the city of Vancouver. We only were there for an hour (you have to pay to park, and it was about to get dark so we just decided to do an hour) and didn't even get halfway through the park! Luckily, we were able to drive through it afterwards so we got to see some more of it.

The totem poles were quite cool. They had a lot of information on the meaning of each one, but since we were just trying to see as much as we could in the hour we had we zipped through without getting to read it.

Also all the buildings in downtown Vancouver pretty much look the same, you can see so in that first picture...I'm not sure how I feel about it? I like the style of them but the fact that they're pretty much the same kinda creeps me out.

And I made it safely to Colorado today! I'm off to snooze my life away because I only slept for 2 hours last night (our flight left at 6am so I had to get up at 2:30am...woohoo!), and I totally used to be able to be fine with that, but I was semi out of it today. College me would be disappointed haha, but I guess I really am getting old now.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

canada: porteau cove

We stopped at Porteau Cove right after Shannon Falls Park! Another one of those places that we hadn't planned to go to, just happened to drive by and it looked pretty. We ended up staying for the sunset! It's a pretty small park, there's no hiking or anything, it's pretty much just a dock you can walk out on and look at the mountains (at least as far as I'm aware! Could be wrong). I'm pretty sure you can kayak etc too, and some people were camping right across from the dock.

I have one last set of Canada pics coming, and I'm off to Colorado for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Six whole days off work, ahh the glory. I reallly hope it snows, I feel like the holidays are so much more exciting with snow (even though I've never actually been to the snow during any holiday haha) Can't wait to hang out with the fam, relax, eat good food, explore Colorado, and hopefully play in the snow.