Thursday, October 2, 2014

see ya next week

It's been quite a busy week sorority/schoolwise.  Recruitment this whole week, then school started today, ahhhh.  But anywho I'll be back next week once the craziness is over!

photo from

Saturday, September 27, 2014

fleur life

So yeah this week has been cray cray.  But not necessarily a bad kind of cray cray.  I've been busy with pre-recruitment for my sorority (which to my surprise is actually pretty fun), work, family, among other things.  And really fixing up my new room!  I ended up getting the ikea bedspread I posted about a while back and I'm pretty into it.
So these pictures were taken at the Arboretum at my university.  How cute are those bebe duckies?!?!?!  I just can't.  They are everywhere come spring - a few mama ducks even nest on my university (one made one right outside of my workplace!!! And I work in one of the busiest buildings on campus) and make their way to the Arb once their babies hatch.  Cutest thing ever.  I even witnessed one mama duck beginning the voyage across campus with her bebes in tow!  

photos by my dad
(top: Urban Outfitters; shorts: Vintage Levi's via Black&Brown; Shoes: Converse; Cardigan: Papaya; Purse: My mom's)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

europe part 10: scotland, uk

1. The exterior of the Bowes Museum (it's in England but this was on our way to Scotland)  / /  2. Rooftops in Scotland  / /  3. Purple windows (literally the coolest thing ever)  / /  4. The Edinburgh Castle all lit up at night  / /  5. A random beach scene  / /  6. Hanging heads in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Museum in Glasgow  / /  7. Sir Walter Scott Monument in Edinburgh  / /  8. Pretty floral arrangements in Glasgow  / /  9. Building in Edinburgh  / /  10. Edinburgh Castle from the street  / /  11. Buildings on buildings in Edinburgh  / /  12. Street in Edinburgh  / /  13. Yay more buildings  / /  14. Ice cream  / /  15. Architectural beauty

I enjoyed Scotland, but it was not at all what I thought it would be!  I assumed it would be mostly countryside, but apparently that is not the case, and there are cities, too haha.  I'm not really sure why I had assumed that...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

stuff i love

1. This pic of these pretty flowers.
2. So I just bought this sunscreen and I luuuuurve it.  Basically, it's not like most other sunscreens because it's physical and not chemical.  Physical sunscreens sit on top of your skin, instead of being absorbed into it like chemical sunscreens.  Therefore, physical sunscreens allow you to avoid all those icky chemicals.  Yay!  Read more about the benefits here and here.  Also, if you buy 2 (I bought the face one and the body one) you can get 50% off of one of them using the code SUN50.
3. So I've read a few of these...But want to read the rest!  Also I don't even remember reading most of them....Hard to believe that high school was four years ago (!!!!!) #old
4. This article is freaking hilarious.  I died.
5. OMG THIS BRAID IS PERFECTION.  Here is the legit tutorial.  The rest of her hairstyles are super cool too, she has a link for them on her blog.  Extension inspiration...

Friday, September 19, 2014

flowers on flowers

So to start off I LOVE THIS DRESS.  I'm not really a dress person (trying to change that) but this one screamed my name immediately.  And it's a good thing I'm short otherwise it would've been more like a top.  Haha it's pretty short as it is.  Also idk if you notice but I have terrible tan lines.  A weekend before we took these pictures I went camping with some friends and forgot to put sunscreen on my back...So if you look really close I think you can see them right above the back of the dress.
My mom took these while we were in LA moving my brother down to USC.  He used to go school with me but decided it wasn't the place for him.  And while I'm sad to see him go I'm happy that he'll be happier there.  Plus now I have lots of excuses to go visit socal!  Wheeeeee.
Oh and btw I love this lip stain.  It's the Make Up Forever Aqua Rouge and it literally stays on forever.

photos by my mom
(Dress: Brandy Melville; Sandals: Steve Madden)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

europe part 9: york, england

Yeahhh another Travel Tuesday for ya.
So the train pictures were taken at the York train station.  The trains are so pretty, aren't they??  All colorful, nothing like the boring neutral colored trains here!  Well I'm not sure about the rest of America, but Amtrak and BART definitely don't look that cool.  The pictures of my friend Allison and I were taken on the 4th of July, while we were also still in York.  Our professor decided it would be fun to take the whole class out on a boat ride as a celebration.  It was a blast and a half.  And I got a little tipsy.  And we were yelling "Happy 4th!  God bless America!!!!" at the top of our lungs at all the people we passed by.  Just casually living up to our obnoxious stereotype.
Also how I miss my hurr.  It was so long back then!

photos by me, photos of me by a friend

Sunday, September 14, 2014

stuff i love

1. This bedspread is so cute.  And super affordable.  Although I think it's so cheap bc it's only the cover, and doesn't come as an actual blanket, if that makes sense.  But still, I love the pattern, and it just may be my new bedspread in my new room! Wheeee.
2. This outfit is everything.  Personally, I wouldn't wear the boots - a little too cray cray for me, I'm much more boring haha (you all know which boots I'd be wearing with this outfit haha because they're the only ones I ever wear) but everything else is perf.
3. This dude knows wassup.  He goes by the name of Prince Ea, and I love his view on the world.  This YouTube video called "Why I Think This World Should End" is so true and discusses the state of our world today.  It's beautiful and eye opening.  His Facebook page is great, and I'd especially recommend his 60 second video segements.  They're only 60 seconds (hence the title) and cast a unique light on different ways to view your world.  They definitely changed my perspective.
4. I'm obsessed with this picture.  I mean, the colors.  Plus, if you click the link, you can learn to make pretty fruit ice cubes.  And they're super easy peasy lemon squeezy.
5. Ummmmm idk how to start but this blogger I've just discovered is my new inspiration for life.  I'm pretty sure she's basically perfect.  And so cool.  So, so cool.  She shares fashion inspiration via her blog LEHAPPY and yeah if you haven't discovered her yet (she's been around for a while, I'm just super new to the game) then go check her out and see her coolness for yourself.  Thank me later.  Or blame me.  Idk which one bc I can guarantee there goes your whole afternoon, basically.

Happy internetting!